William Hale is a young entrepreneur, multi-business owner and mental health advocate.

Featured in national press for overcoming serious mental health issues and launching a series of digital enterprises, he is passionate about business and the promotion of improving mental health in young people.

William is the Founder and Director of Milkshake Creative, a creative website design agency in Wilmslow. He is also an investor in a small number of businesses in line with his values and passions.

Hale notably appeared on Channel 5’s two part documentary ‘My Extreme OCD Life’ in 2017, a rare insight on UK television into the debilitating effects of OCD in its true form.

William suffered with severe OCD during his high school years, leaving him unable to pursue his academic ambitions. It was whilst he was unable to leave his house due to the debilitating impact of the OCD symptoms that William began coding. This quickly became a passion and he started developing his vision of a creative agency which offers cutting-edge website design. Fast forward six years and he is now leading his businesses to success and is working on a new campaign to improve mental health in teenagers and young adults; focussing in particular on the detrimental impact that social media can have on mental health in young people.

Born in Wilmslow, Cheshire, William began his career with freelance data administration services whilst still in school, until launching his first internet venture, Plane Spotting UK, aged just 14.

William had a keen interest in coding and a love of plane spotting and he made the decision to merge his skill with his lifelong passion, resulting in a first-of-its-kind app for plane spotters across the country.

Before selling the app in 2016, William was devoted to his digital venture which had seen international publicity, advertising partnerships with UK brands as well as TV and radio placements. His app boasted over 75,000 monthly users, providing a fantastic niche audience for commercial partnerships, not to mention the improved ease of plane spotting for hobbyists.

Having gained publicity from the venture, William was quickly in demand for freelance development work and provided consultancy remotely and onsite for clients in the UK and USA.

Whilst the then teenager was proving that age is no guarantee of efficiency with the successes of his plane spotting app and consultancy work, Hale was keen to make his dream of running a digital agency a reality. He launched Milkshake Creative at the end of 2017 and has since moved into a trendy office in Wilmslow and runs the brand with his team, working towards their strategic targets.

After their launch, the agency was soon in the spotlight having secured deals with influential figures such as Kettlebell Kitchen Founder Carley Jones, national parenting community The Mum Club, and numerous high-profile brands across the UK.

Following a heavy investment in the agency, William is working hard on growing the brand from their office in Cheshire with plans to expand into two further office spaces in Harrogate and Penrith by the end of 2020 to drive the business into further success and to meet the company’s strategic targets.

Outside of Milkshake Creative, William continues working with his investments in a small number of businesses in the retail and health & beauty industries.