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It’s Ok Not To Be Ok

My Journey With Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) So… I’ve been meaning to make my blog a little more active recently and what better way to get back into the swing of things than a post about a topic very close to my heart. That is indeed, Mental Health Awareness Week. I was diagnosed

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Investment in DogsBollocks.com

Bespoke Web Development & Marketing Agency based in Leafy Cheshire With industry experience of over 100 years between directors and co-investors John Mamelok, Alan Mihailovits & William Hale, DogsBollocks.com have seen a national launch and are proud to support small and startup businesses providing first website support and marketing along with large companies

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PR: TheLadBible

Young Lad Overcomes OCD To Launch Successful Hobby Website "A young lad has gone above and beyond expectations of any 17-year-old after starting up a successful website. After being diagnosed with OCD back in February 2014, William Hale became very interested in coding. This led to him deciding that he wanted to set

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My Extreme OCD Life

A rare TV programme, sharing the lives of those with Extreme OCD In Early 2017 I was contacted by a researcher from a TV production company regarding a potential documentary exploring OCD. I was instantly onboard as I knew that there had barely been any coverage of the mental health disorder on

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PR: Wilmslow.co.uk

Teen OCD sufferer launches his own business A teen from Wilmslow has teamed up business partners to form a digital web and marketing agency. William Hale endured a battle with Severe OCD during his high school education in 2014 which led to an increasing difficulty to go about daily life including just leaving

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