6 Tips for Creating an Engaging Website

Follow these tips and you’ll be one step closer to a more engaging website!

I’ve developed countless websites over the years that I’ve been working and the 6 tips I’ve written below are my best pointers that have improved websites, have a read and it may help you!

1) Focus your About Us page on the CUSTOMER, not your business

Your About Us page is one of the most visited pages on a website after the homepage and it’s probably the first page your prospective customers will head to if they are interested in your services. Don’t waste this opportunity to sell to your customer. The customer is not interested in what year you moved into your office and who your CEO is! Take the time to write about how your services will benefit the customer. Perhaps start with a question that the customer can relate to, it really does work. Unless your website is about a person, use the about us page to explain how you can help your customer.

2) Don’t fill your website with popups and endless call-to-actions (CTAs)

Yes, the end result of most websites is to generate leads and subsequently new business, however, we all know how annoying those timed and exit popups are with a multitude of CTAs. If you know how annoying it is yourself, why put your website visitors through the same annoyance? People are more likely to stay if you don’t bombard them with lead gen forms and popups, let the user read up on your business and if they are interested, they’ll get in touch. Add call-to-actions and contact forms, but keep them at the top or side of the page so the visitor will know how to get in touch but can still have a pleasant user journey on your site.

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3) Keep your homepage concise, clear and bold

Those first few seconds when a visitor lands on your site are crucial, confuse them and they’re gone! Make it clear what your business does and how you can help them with clear internal links to your main landing pages. Make sure to have a clear layout that’s easy to browse, use colour and blocks to attract the user and make sure to have plenty of images on there to keep your homepage as engaging as possible.

4) Add clear navigation to your site so your users don’t get lost!

If you’re driving along new roads, you’ll most likely be looking for road signs to point you in the right direction and guide you to your destination. Well it’s exactly the same with website navigation, keep it clear and understandable, add easy to access dropdown menus and your site visitor should reach your internal landing pages without getting lost!

5) Use 3rd party reviews websites to showcase your customer feedback

Isn’t is annoying when you visit a website and their reviews page is full of beaming reviews from a Mr & Mrs Bloggs? How will your customer trust that your reviews are genuine? Using sites such as TrustPilot, Yell and Google Reviews will give your prospective customers that you have quality, genuine feedback from customers who have used your services. Embed the reviews page into your site so the user doesn’t have to leave your website.

6) Keep your blog and pages up-to-date

Once your website is up and running, don’t just leave it there and hope that you get an inbox full of fresh enquiries. Over time your website will need refreshing along with new content and blog posts, keep your site as up-to-date as possible to let new users know that your business is active. Don’t write a new blog post once a year either, keep posting throughout the year.

And there you have it! These are my top 6 tips for keeping an active and engaging website. Let me know if it’s useful or if you’d like to see something new. Reach out to me at [email protected]

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William Hale is a 19 year old Investor and Marketing Consultant living in Wilmslow, Cheshire. He spends most of his time with one of his companies, DogsBollocks.com a Web Development and Marketing Agency, one of his very proud investments. William featured in a two-part Channel 5 documentary ‘My Extreme OCD Life’ in 2017 which was a powerful, popular and very rare programme covering the extremely debilitating condition.

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