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A fantastic new way for improving driver safety

For the last 2 years whilst I’ve been a driver on the roads of the UK I’ve experienced first-hand the dangers of the roads and have witnessed some pretty horrible things happening. It’s witnessing crashes and accidents on the road that has made me want to do more to avoid danger and scares me when watching unaware drivers create that danger in the first instance.

Before Christmas 2017 I was contacted by ingenie Insurance who asked if I’d like to take part in a trial event they planned on running in 2018 at the Silverstone Race Circuit. I was onboard straight away as I was keen to see more about what was on offer and to be able to share my thoughts on the trial.

ingenie provide ‘black box’ insurance to young drivers aged between 17-25, allowing new drivers to access more affordable car insurance as well as making them a safer driver with their handy app and frequent feedback messages.

The Driver Development Day

I found the Driver Development Day at Silverstone Racetrack to be very educational and insightful with driving tuition from expert instructors leading the various courses. Using specially adapted vehicles including the Renault Megane RS and Clio Sport, ingenie and the Silverstone team had laid out fantastic courses including Skid Control, High-Speed Braking and Spin Avoidance.

Had a blast out in the Renault Clio RS and Renault Megane RS – they are quick cars!

I was able to get an insight into the brilliant course ingenie are offering, lasting for over 5 hours in a very well organised event, allowing the drivers to safely practice the vital skills in a controlled environment.

I sincerely felt upon leaving the racetrack that I was more knowledgable of how to control a skid, avoid spinning and what to do in a scenario requiring high-speed braking. Imagine how great it would be if young drivers could access beneficial driving tuition such as this, giving them the skills they need to handle real-life situations you don’t get when learning to drive.

About ingenie

ingenie are a multi-award winning car insurance company providing black box telematics insurance to young drivers aged between 17 and 25. With most drivers saving up to £400 on average, ingenie really are a gateway to affordable insurance for young drivers. With their fantastic feedback every 10 days with great tips on how to improve on your driving with Acceleration, Speed, Braking and Cornering, you can get up to 21% back for driving well! In my first year I received £146 back from ingenie, just for driving well, what could be better than that?!

Save up to £400 on average with ingenie, check out their awesome insurance here: www.ingenie.com

The ingenie team are always on hand to help with any questions during the policy period and can look into any driving feedback that is out of the normal driving trend. Within the first few weeks of my policy starting I slammed on my brakes to miss hitting a pheasant, and with no problem at all, ingenie were able to remove the flagged braking feedback for that event.

A First-Hand RTC Experience

The day I started writing this article I drove into Manchester on a lovely sunny day. There I was plodding happily along the M62, sunglasses on, music on,thinking about my day. All of a sudden, brake lights are all around and traffic jam here we come! Anyway, after sitting stationary for a few minutes, I suddenly noticed a jackknifed lorry up ahead in a horrific collision.

It had only just happened as people were still clambering out of their cars and as there were no emergency vehicles there, I knew I had to stop. Fortunately there were no major injuries, just a broken ankle and a gentleman with shock, I’m glad I went on first aid training! I was straight on the phone to the police and ambulance service who arranged for the relevant emergency services to be deployed to the scene, it’s amazing how quickly they can get to the scene of an RTC. Once they arrived they quickly got to work on stopping the traffic as all lanes had debris, securing the vehicles involved and began to clear the debris and fuel off the road.

You may be wondering why I’ve included this in my review of the ingenie Driver Development Day… Well as I was leaving the scene once the emergency services had arrived, I was going through in my head all of the skills I had learnt at Silverstone, in particular, the high-speed braking which covers what to do in exactly this situation. If only more people could spend half a day learning these extra vital skills, the road would be a much safer place.

Read more about the ingenie Driver Development Day here: www.ingenie.com/silverstone-x-ingenie

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