A Day in the Life of William Hale

A Day in the Life of William Hale

I’m one of those people that loves reading or watching day in the life posts/videos as I find it really inspiring to hear about what others get up to on a daily basis. I thought I’d type up one of my own day in the life posts (as boring as it may be) as I really enjoy what I do, so here we go:

5:50am – So! Every morning my alarm goes off at 5:50am, I choose one of the more ‘calmer’ alarm sounds rather than waking bolt upright to the sound of an old car horn! I give myself around 10 minutes to wake up before my loud 6am alarm goes off, I’m then awake and don’t go back to sleep.

6am – Overnight my phone goes mad (I have ‘do not disturb’ on when I go to bed!) with messages and emails from clients (generally from my US clients at that time) and social media alerts. I spend around 30 minutes reading emails, replying to urgent ones and making sure I’ve checked all platforms for new messages and notifications. Any time I have spare before leaping out of bed I will spend reading news updates on Twitter or scrolling through Facebook and Instagram.

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6:45am – By now I’m fully awake and ready to take on the day, my final alarm goes off to remind me its 6:45am and time to get up and get ready. Unless I’ve got client meetings or anything formal I’ll generally wear smart casual clothes although I do like a bright patterned shirt!

7am – I shoot off downstairs and start preparing my breakfast, I’ve always found breakfast to be so important for a good day so I never miss out! It’s either a high fibre/energy cereal or peaches and natural yoghurt (the best!). After breakfast I make sure my hair is styled to perfection (one of my OCD rituals during its worst phase was making sure my hair is not a strand out of place… exhausting!).

7:30am – I grab a bottle of Evian water out of the fridge and head on my way to my company’s office in Knutsford. The drive takes 15-20 minutes from my house in Wilmslow and I’ll drink the whole bottle of water on the drive, water is something I drink a lot of! I listen to a lot of musical soundtracks whilst driving to get me right in the mood and ready to take on the day with a smile.

8am – By this time I have arrived at my office and before I do anything, it’s straight to the Nespresso machine! I can’t function without a morning coffee! 1 coffee pod (10, Ristretto), milk and two sugars, just what I need to kick my brain into gear.

I start replying to the abundance of emails in my inbox and work my way through any updates our customers may have for their websites or strategic marketing tweaks. This generally takes up most of the morning and by lunchtime my brain is frazzled from non-stop work! If we have a new customer onboard I will spend time with them to understand their brand and get an idea of the components we will incorporate into their new website as well as planning the creative website design too.

My company is a Bespoke Web Development and Strategic Marketing agency supporting small businesses get online for the first time without the typically high agency prices or companies just looking to grow their exposure online. I absolutely love what I do, being creative with websites is such a passion of mine and I’m so proud that I was able to launch my agency at the start of this year following a successful period of working freelance as a marketing consultant and developer.

1/2pm – I don’t really take any time away from my computer screen for lunch and quite often I forget about food completely! If I do have anything to eat during the day it’s either some Belvita biscuits or energy bars. For lunch (if I remember) I generally just grab a meal deal from Waitrose in Knutsford and shoot back to the office. After this I will keep working for our customers and responding to emails and calls as they come in. We also launch the newly developed websites during the afternoon, this can take up to a couple of hours and I love seeing a creative masterpiece launched onto the world wide web! I keep working constantly until my eyes can’t take the screen any longer, this is usually between 4-6pm.

5pm – The relaxation part! After a day in the office, my favourite thing to do is use my spa membership at The Mere Resort, only a 15 minute drive away. Running a business isn’t easy and no two days are the same, this is why downtime is so important for me. Tucked away in the Cheshire countryside is The Mere and what a stunning place it is, I spend roughly an hour there with my feet up on sun-loungers and relaxing in the various spas.

6:30pm – I head home feeling fully relaxed from the spa, it’s amazing just how much stress I can clear just from spending an hour or so there, I don’t think I could cope running a business without my spa membership! I pop on my playlist in the car ranging from chart toppers to classical pieces and head on to the M56 towards Wilmslow. I only have a light evening meal so will just pop into M&S and pick up something light.

7:30pm – I’m now relaxed, fuelled and ready for a quiet evening. I’ll spend an hour or so replying to any emails that need my attention and any urgent work before hopping into bed around 9:30pm and tuning in to either a documentary of some description or my current favourite box set that is Madam Secretary on Sky.

And there you have it, that’s an overview of an average day in the life of me, you can read more about my work around my website. I hope you found this interesting and didn’t bore you too much, stay tuned for more blog posts coming soon!

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William Hale is a 19 year old Investor and Marketing Consultant living in Wilmslow, Cheshire. He spends most of his time with one of his companies, DogsBollocks.com a Web Development and Marketing Agency, one of his very proud investments. William featured in a two-part Channel 5 documentary ‘My Extreme OCD Life’ in 2017 which was a powerful, popular and very rare programme covering the extremely debilitating condition.

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