How The Mere Golf Resort and Spa Changed My Life

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The Best Money I’ve Ever Spent On Myself!

In the early Summer of 2017 I began to notice a change in my overall health and wellbeing which started to cause concern for me as the last thing I wanted was for the OCD which I had spent the previous four years battling, to come back to haunt me again.

I still suffer with OCD now and did last year when I noticed this gradual change in my wellbeing, it’s not a condition that many people completely combat, instead it becomes more manageable over time with the correct course of treatment. I have come a long way, particularly to think that three years ago, the concept of just leaving the house and walking up the road was a terrifying prospect. Now I am able to work every day for my proudly co-owned company,, a bespoke website development and marketing agency in our office in Knutsford, helping small businesses get online for the first time.

Even since the Channel 5 Documentary last year I’ve made a number of positive steps as part of my recovery from the condition. I have now been able to enjoy spending more time out and about and have been able to attend city centre meetings, both of which wouldn’t have been a welcoming prospect six months ago.

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So after filming had finished in August and I cracked back onto working freelance, I began to notice this change in my wellbeing. Around this time, I was enjoying eating out pretty much most days, partly as I was proud that I was able to sit in a restaurant without panicking constantly or be worried in case something terrible were to happen in my surroundings, and just because I enjoy eating fine food.

I started noticing little things such as shortness of breath and found to be getting frequent aches and pains when walking. Sure enough, I was starting to put on weight and I wasn’t happy about it. I knew I had to do something about it as I didn’t want this to get in the way of the exciting plans I have planned for 2018.

The obvious move would be to start dieting or reduce the number of times I was eating out, however that didn’t appeal to me. I had tried introducing low carb diets and bringing in meal plans recommended online. It wasn’t working, I love my food and didn’t want to be unhappy giving it up, just because I was unhappy about the way I was starting to look. So in November I decided that I was going to join a gym, something I had always been sceptical about as you always hear about people cancelling their membership frequently! Also, the prospect of using gym equipment that had been previously used by others where sweat and bacteria is on the handles etc is something I was terrified about.

So the quest was on! I start Googling for local gyms in Wilmslow and straight away I was greeted with a plethora of offers and promotions from chain gyms and fitness centres, neither of which attracted me. As a result of this I started searching for “luxury gyms in Cheshire” and “best spa in Cheshire” to find somewhere that I could both get fit and lose weight but to also find a place of sanctuary to help manage the OCD symptoms that had started creeping back due to stress.

It didn’t take long for me to notice a shining beacon of light that was The Mere Golf Resort & Spa and no word of a lie, I enquired about a spa membership there within minutes. The multiple awards, breathtaking spa and stunning, secluded setting immediately intrigued me.

Not long after I pressed send on my membership enquiry I received an email from their Membership Manager, Alice, who outlined in detail the phenomenal range of benefits and services offered at the gym and spa. The pricing was outlined clearly and everything looked perfect for me so I arranged a guided tour for later that afternoon which was breathtaking! It’s such a peaceful place in a stunning setting with incredible facilities for relaxation and for exercise too.

I was amazed at how luxurious and relaxing it was and did not want to miss out, so within a couple of days, I was a member of the Mere Resort!

I received a welcome pack through the post containing details of the 50+ exercise classes that are run, guest passes and a letter welcoming me to the resort. I was super excited to go to the spa for the first time and start enjoying their facilities so the next day I was there as soon as I could leave the office!

After sandwiching my car between two Range Rover Sports, I enjoyed the exquisite entrance into the luscious spa. Greeted by incredibly friendly and helpful reception desk staff, I was guided through the check in process and where I go next. What I really enjoy as a member of the spa is that every time I visit, there is always a welcoming smile and greeting from the staff.

Handed a couple of neatly folded and warm towels, I head on in to the most amazing changing room! Around every corner is a little gem of relaxing facilities, including the Aroma Steam Room (my favourite), Sauna and Deep Relax room.

After I get lost in the mind-boggling changing room, I head on out to the main spa area, a sumptuous and inviting array of fantastic facilities. The colour changing lighting, relaxing music and peaceful atmosphere really makes the spa a place to be for some ‘me time’ and particularly when stressed.

My favourite features of the spa have to be the Hydrotherapy Pool, Caldarium and Heated Beds. This is of course only the start of a brilliant range of facilities.

Following a heavenly two hours of relaxation, I head back to my car feeling utterly amazing and as I drive off along the driveway through their vast golf course, I have to pinch myself as I’ve never felt so relaxed before! No amount of medication, treatment or therapy has ever got me so relaxed than that, I was so impressed.

I am now working with one of their super personal trainers, Cavin who is helping me achieve my fitness goals in addition to enjoying gaining a deep state of relaxation everyday!

I absolutely love The Mere Golf Resort & Spa and still find it just as relaxing as that first night over three months ago. It is my happy place, and place of sanctuary. I cannot fault a single part of the service and it is the best money I’ve ever spent!

Find out more about The Mere Golf Resort & Spa here:

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William Hale is a 19 year old Investor and Marketing Consultant living in Wilmslow, Cheshire. He spends most of his time with one of his companies, a Web Development and Marketing Agency, one of his very proud investments. William featured in a two-part Channel 5 documentary ‘My Extreme OCD Life’ in 2017 which was a powerful, popular and very rare programme covering the extremely debilitating condition.

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