My Extreme OCD Life

A rare TV programme, sharing the lives of those with Extreme OCD

In Early 2017 I was contacted by a researcher from a TV production company regarding a potential documentary exploring OCD. I was instantly onboard as I knew that there had barely been any coverage of the mental health disorder on national television before.

The common misconception with OCD is that it’s all about keeping things clean, and while that’s true for some sufferers including me, there’s a lot more to it than that. OCD is a combination of intrusive thoughts followed by behaviours/rituals that relieve the thoughts, generally very irrational rituals too. OCD is a hard one to overcome and most people won’t completely overcome the disorder and will simply manage the OCD for the rest of their life, I remember being told just this when I was diagnosed.

What is ‘My Extreme OCD Life’?

My Extreme OCD Life is a two-part Channel 5 documentary broadcasted in Summer 2017. A small TV crew followed the lives of eight people from across the UK in a bid to understand the disorder and how impacting it can be. The results of the documentary saw more and more people opening up about their difficulties on social media and support from leading OCD charities.

I was one of eight sufferers that appeared on the documentary and was filmed around my hometown of Wilmslow, the intu Trafford Centre, on a narrowboat for sale I was looking at whilst finding a boat to buy and daily struggles with the OCD. I was filmed driving whilst discussing my career including working as a freelance web developer & marketing consultant.

Watch episode 1 & 2 of ‘My Extreme OCD Life’ here:

It was a great privilege to be part of a brilliant documentary and the whole experience was fantastic. I strongly believe that the documentary has made a positive impact to the misconception of OCD and hopefully it will give sufferers reassurance and confidence to seek help.

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